Motel Mexicola Bali

Hey, today I will reviewing a restaurant that is located inside Motel Mexicola.

First of all, this place is really famous, I don’t know why tho. Some people found that this place is aesthetic, and artistic. You can conclude it by yourself and I respect your opinion. Now, lets talk about Motel Mexicola Bali.

They allow customer to smoke in the eating space, since all part of the restaurant is an open space and non air conditioned. And this is a bad news for me because that day was super hot, so I sweat a lot that day. Plus, I don’t smoke and I cannot bear the smell of cigarette smoke. But anyway~

When we are seated, the waitress told me that we cannot use our camera and ask us to put it in our bag (DSLR, Mirrorless, or any camera like that). But, they allow us to use phone camera. Which I think really strange because its still camera no matter what. But anyway, I kept my camera and ordered our food.

Then there is an accident that my friend left his phone in our Grab Car (its kinda like uber, but different company). And we need to call his phone and luckily the driver willing to give the phone back so yeah this kinda break my mood. Lets, get moving.

We only ordered snacks since we were in cafe hopping day, that we will go to other cafes later. So, we ordered one Quesadilla De Pollo and one Taco. And I was really disappointed when the food came, it was too small for the price. The taste is not that good for the price.

We also want to order a little drinks  because they didn’t allow us to bring food or drinks from outside 😦 but it turns out that they don’t really have much option for non-alcohol drink (and I don’t drink alcohol). So I just hold myself until we left the restaurant.

Because I’m not really interested with the place and my mood still not really good. I just take few quick photo. here is the photo. We were seated at the second floor, and that wall with mirror is the most famous photo spot in this restaurant. Lastly, that bar is located in the second floor.

Overall, I don’t really recommend you to come here. But again this is subjective, so if you like the place and want to go there, I fully respect you.

Have a good day ❤


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