A Week In Bali (Day 7)

This is our last day in Bali. It feels so fast but somehow also so slow. Well, everything had become the part of my memories now. Without further due, let’s start the day.

We woke up at 4.30 AM to do a final packing and prepare ourselves to go back to Bali. As I already pack like 90% of my stuff in the night before, I don’t have much to pack anymore. I also the first person who took a shower, so I finished around 5.30 AM and Have nothing to do. So I decided to see sunrise by myself, because all my friends was still busy.

2 photos on the top was taken around 5.50 AM and I know this sunrise is going to be epic. So, I waited until the rise is fully risen. And this is the most beautiful sunrise that I ever witnessed. I don’t want to forget that moment of peace.

There was absolutely nobody around me, birds are singing, chicken are waking up the villagers, wave is giving high five to sand, leaves on the tree is greeting each other, dew is dropping from the bushes. I didn’t lie, it happened and it feels so unreal that I still can experience that kind of peaceful moment in this world.

The sun is keep rising and I am still amazed by the view.

Before I leave this spot, I took some picture around the bushes and it become an epic photo as the golden hour is coming.


When I went back, my friend just about to find me and join me to watch sunrise. So I bring her to the swimming pool in the hotel because the sunrise there is also pretty and she was the one who want to swim with me in the night before.

After saying goodbye to the sunrise, we headed back to the port where we will take our boat. and the sky have no mercy on me, so it amazed me again with the view clear of Mount Agung right in front of my eyes. Even my lens can capture the detail of the Mountain, isn’t that amazing?


After we arrived at Bali again, we headed to airport to leave our luggage in the Airport Luggage Service (we need to pay IDR50.000 per luggage). Then we leave the airport again because our flight is at 5.40 PM and its still 10.30 AM. We ate our brunch at Nook Cafe. the place is near paddy field so its quite unique. I ordered their fruit bowl and their avocado juice.

For the last day, we also bought some snacks to bring back to our home. I bought lots of pie susu, a package of nuts, and a box of pia. Don’t forget to buy pie susu (its a thin pie, it tasted sweet, and creamy as it contains milk).


This is the end of my traveling journey. Hope you like my travel story. I will keep posting about Bali, reviewing the food places to be exact. So, wait for my next post. Until now, thank you for your time ❤

See ya!


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