Nusa Penida, Little Paradise In Bali

This post will be filled with PRETTY places, so brace with me and lets start this post.

We woke up at 4 AM to prepare ourselves to go to another island. we check out from our room at 6 AM and headed to Sanur Beach to get our fast boat ticket. And apparently we were 1 hour too fast. The boat leave at 8.30 AM and we arrived at 7.30 AM. So to kill my boredom, I took some picture of the sea. And it was a really good idea because golden hour haven’t finish yet.

After that we took fast boat to Nusa Penida, the other island that we were going to visit. Nusa Penida still in the part of Bali. But this island is not as famous as the main island yet. But I’m pretty sure this paradise is going to be famous soon. This island is so much smaller and not well developed yet. Fortunately, the government is developing this place lately, so this place will getting better in time.

The boat that we took is not the big boat, actually there are another types of boat that so much bigger that can make you bring your own transportation. But it is located in another beach, so if you are planning to go to this island, please know what you need.  With this boat, we need around 30-50 Minutes to reach Nusa Penida from Bali.dscf3019

When we arrived in Nusa Penida, we were greeted by the clearest sea water that I ever touch and see. I just can’t describe how pretty it was. And this place become a small port like this I just can’t believe it.


Okay then we went to our hotel, and prepare ourselves to snorkeling and go around the island. When we do our snorkeling, I met like tons of fish and saw pretty coral there. I even able to met lots of big fishes, as long as my arm or even hand.As a bonus, they swim around me. (the underwater photo is not mine, its taken by my friend).

There is a small accident happened to me, that I scratch my ankle down until my feet soles. The story goes like this, we went to 4 different spots to look the sea. When I jump in the second place, there was a big boat near our boat, I didn’t realize that sea wave bring me to almost on the bottom part of that big boat and the boat is about to move. So I rushed to move, and I hit the bottom part of that big boat. And of course that boat it is hard, and have rough surface. So, I scratch my left ankle and its bleeding. But I don’t want to be bothered with that accident, therefore I ignored that blood and continue my sightseeing.

After we finish our snorkeling, we went to the best place that makes me cannot stop taking photo. Kelingking Beach.

After that we went to Broken Beach or Pasih UUg. Photo on the left is actually a circle shapped, its the “broken” beach. Because it technically separated by the big sea (right picture).

Near the Broken Beach, there is another place named as Angel’s Billabong. Its a real dam made by the nature. It is supposed to have a beautiful color, but when I came its a little bit dirty because there was a rain the day before. And if you want, you can swim in the dam, its allowed and safe.


Moving to the other place, we went to Crystal Bay, when we arrived, there is a little flood on the way, so we need to walk to the beach. When we arrived at the beach, there is a rain coming from the right side, so we decided to leave as soon as possible, since we didn’t bring umbrella, camera cover, or clothes to change. And right after we entered our car, big rain came.

To end the day we ate our dinner near the hotel. I ordered a local food, that I got 1 bowl of fish head soup, one slice of sea fish, and one portion of rice. It only cost me IDR35.000. For the drink I ordered avocado juice that cost me more that my food. But that’s okay ha ha ha… XD


Actually me and my friend planning to swim in the hotel. But its so dark outside (there is almost no street light there) so we decided not to. We played card instead. After that we call it a day and went to sleep.


This is the end of my day 6, Nusa Penida was the prettiest place that I ever been and this had been one of my precious memory. I’m glad that I can share my travel experience here.

Thank you for your time ❤


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