Saine Daise Bistro

Recently I went to Pantai Indah Kapuk to eat something delicious. And Pantai Indah Kapuk is pretty famous for their food. Because at that place, there are tons of restaurants that served different type of food. So I went there to taste one of the new restaurant around that place, Saine Daise Bistro. I decided to go there just because their food are very photogenic. Their plating is really good, that I can’t resist.

So lets take a look to what did I ordered.

Sauteed Mushroom in Garlic and White Wine Sauce On a Lemon Toast Bread
Price : IDR45.000

For the appetizer, I choose Sauteed Mushroom in Garlic and White Wine Sauce On a Lemon Toast Bread. This food tasted amazing. I love the sauce so much, it have such a savoury taste. The bread outer side was cruchy and the inside is fluffy, and of course the butter make it more delicious. Although I’m not a big fan of mushroom, but this one tasted really good.

Then moving to the maindish, I got Ami Ebi Angel Hair. Its an Angel Hair pasta with ebi on the top of it. In my opinion, the food was well sasoned, it also have decent amount of ebi and of course it means delicious. The touch from the oil also make the pasta didn’t feel dry. Lastly, The presentation is absolutlely on point, it looked really photogenic.

Ami Ebi Angel Hair
Price : IDR80.000

And of course, my favorite part, dessert time. I decided to order the fruit cake. It looked really small, but it is too much for me. That I need to share it with my friend. but i love it very much. this is my most liked cake at the moment that I can’t forget the taste of it.

I’m a big fan of cheese but not cheesecake because for me, cheesecake texture a little bit wired. But, I fall in love with cheesecake because of this fruit cake. The berries also tasted really good. Oh! the sauce around the cake is also amazing.

Fruit Cake by Eio
Price : IDR120.000

It might cost quite pricey, but believe me, it is worth it and you will need to share with your friend. The cake came from Eio Pattisiery it is located at the first floor of the bistro. The owners are siblings. So no worries, we can enjoy both main dish and dessert at the same place.



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