Behind The Sprout

Just to start this blog. Let’s not talk about something that is really serious. I just want to share the reason why I use Wooden Sprout as my blog name. There are some reasons why I decided to use this name and I will tell you why.

First is about the ‘wood’ word. The main reason is because I love wood, the texture, the colour, the vibes, just everything. And I want the warm vibes for my blog. and Wood resembles the right thing. So I decided to choose the wood word for my title. but it does not seem right with the back name, Sprout. That is why I changed it and ‘wooden’ is a good match for it.

Next one is the word Sprout. Considering that this is my first ever blog that I ever start. I decided to choose ‘Sprout’ as my title. Because a sprout is the beginning of a life. It gave a meaning of growth and hopes. Just like me, that will growing with this blog and hoping that this blog can be useful for the readers.

And that’s how ‘Wooden Sprout’ become my domain name for my first blog. I hope that this can explain everything about my domain name. Please support me in the future. Let’s grow together

Oh, there are several name or elements that I actually wanted to added as my domain name. here is the list.

  1. Lemon/Lemongrass
  2. Brown/Chocolate
  3. Mint/Peppermint

Why? Because I love all of them. I love the scent that came from them. I love something sour and citrusy. I love something cool like mint. And of course I love chocolate. But I need to hold myself to not include them as my domain name. If I still add them as my domain name, my blog name will be a very long name.

But anyway, let us start the journey of this blog.



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